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Well-structured curriculum based on EYFS and KSSR framework

The City Kindergarten offers a broad and balanced curriculum to meet the development needs of children in their early years. We aim to provide a secure, healthy and nurturing environment where children have an access to varied opportunities for the development of their physical, social and cognitive abilities. We ensure that learning is a joyful and interesting experience for our children and they are motivated to realize their potential and innate talents.

Our comprehensive programmes are designed according to the framework of EYFS, a UK based programme and KSSR, the local curriculum in order to make sure that our children are well prepared for primary education in private, international as well as public schools. The long-term goals are that our children have positive self-image and leadership qualities to meet the challenges of twenty first century.

The following seven areas of learning have been identified and selected as an appropriate curriculum for three to six-year-old children

  • Communication and language:  To develop their confidence and skill in expressing themselves
  • Literacy ( English , Bahasa Melayu) : Encouraging children to link sounds and letters and to begin to read and write
  • Physical Development :  To help children become active and interactive and develop their coordination, control and movement. 
  • Personal social and Emotional Development to foster positive relationships, respect for others, manage feelings and understand appropriate behaviour
  • Mathematical Development:  To develop understanding of numbers, calculations , measures, space and shapes and problem solving
  • Knowledge and understanding of the World: To explore, observe and find out more about physical world, people, places, technology and environment

  • Creative Development : to express ideas and feelings through activities in art , music and movement, dance, role play and design technology

Approaches to Teaching
and Learning

At the City Kindergarten we support child centred learning and make sure that children play an active role in the class and teachers facilitate learning. They are encouraged to ask questions, participate in group and pair work , use a variety of teaching aids to acquire conceptual clarity and articulate their learning in a confident manner.


Through formative assessments teachers measure children’s progress according to the early learning goals and identify the areas that need to be strengthened through additional support.  Need based learning support classes after school are conducted to ensure that each child makes the desired progress. Parents are kept informed through regular feedback and formal reports are sent to the parents twice a year.

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