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Interesting activities to enhance children's creativity, imagination, confidence, and innate talents

The school offers a broad range of activities that are spread across the whole week and fall into the regular school timetable. All children participate and look forward to the following activities.

  • Taekwondo
  • Music and Movement
  • Story Telling
  • Project Based Science
  • Kindy Kitchen
  • Poetry recitation
  • Puppetry
  • Public Speaking
  • Show and Tell
  • Art and Craft

Home School Partnership

A strong home school partnership is essential for the development of children. TCK consider parents as partners in learning and makes sure that parents are provided timely information about child’s progress in learning. Parents are communicated about school activities through different mediums such as


  • Circulars 


  • Facebook and Instagram


  • Class Dojo


  • Homework Diaries


To discuss individual performance and children’s progress in achieving early learning goals parents are invited to 

Progress Meetings and they are sent Term Reports

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