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The City School was established in 1978 and the years of experience show – in our expertise, in our commitment and in our quality.  We have moved with the times but we have not lost sight of our values and traditions. At The City School, we genuinely believe in educating ‘the whole child’ so we provide our students with every opportunity to discover and build upon their strengths. We also expect them to face up to the challenges of an economically globalised and socially changing world – one in which they will have their place as independent, responsible citizens.

Our commitment is providing consistently high quality, accessible education underpins everything we do. We support and encourage high academic achievement but we also recognise that individual students have different learning needs. We have a strong on-going commitment to providing high quality and innovative educational programs for all children.  We strive to create an environment where children are viewed as capable, competent co-contributors and we acknowledge them as active participants in their learning. Teachers and Educators actively create an environment where children feel safe, secure, respected and supported.

The City School International now has schools in the UAE, the Philippines, Malaysia, Saudi Arabia and Pakistan. Its future plans include the establishment of further schools in the Arab states, South East Asia, and Africa.

The city kindergarten

The City Kindergarten is a part of Malaysia’s project of The City School Network. The City Kindergarten is located at the heart of the dynamic city of Shah Alam, the capital of Selangor State, Malaysia. The only purpose-built kindergarten campus in Shah Alam, The City Kindergarten and Schools aims to assist students in reaching their full potential by strengthening their academic and moral values. Our Early Years curriculum is based on the seven developmental areas and encourages children to grow socially, emotionally, physically and intellectually to become self-directed learners, independent thinkers, confident individuals. We believe in motivating our students to find answers for themselves rather than giving answers to them. As educationists, we provide opportunities to students that can maximise their learning potential in a cooperative learning environment, using various techniques and teaching methodologies. Our methodologies are planned with the natural instincts of children in mind, where they have the opportunity to learn through fun, play and art. They are also able to learn by working in different learning centres inside and outside the classrooms.We believe in giving the students freedom to express themselves both in verbal and written form. Theatre and drama are used to enhance creativity and confidence in young children. Our school environment allows the children to develop problem-solving skills and they learn to take responsibility for their decisions. They polish their communication and interpersonal skills and learn to accept and appreciate differences among people. They evolve as individuals with high self-esteem and confidence. The City School believes that a child’s education is positively affected by a healthy home-school partnership. We include parents in their child’s development by conducting parenting workshops and seminars on a regular basis.

Group Chairperson's Message

The true philosophy of The City School is reflected in our motto, “I Am To Learn”. When our students move on to higher education, we expect them to have gained an enthusiastic and lasting interest in learning, and to have recognised that there are always new things to discover.

 The world of work and life in general are today more competitive than they have ever been and we want our students to have the confidence, independence, and intellectual ability to apply what they learn in the classrooms to life. We believe that when young people are empowered and facilitated, they rise above expectations.

 The broader aspirations shared by our faculty and staff include giving every opportunity to students to develop into well-rounded individuals. We know how important it is to create ideal academic and social environments that allow them to flourish and to acquire the skills and attributes that will enable them to make valued contributions to society.

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